Review: Wreck-It Ralph

Review Grade: B+

An animated film brought to you by Disney about video game villains? I was excited to embark upon the journey of a poor giant villain named Ralph, voiced by John C. Reilly, as he struggled with his duties to pound and destroy bricks in a classic arcade game called Fix-It Felix.

After being introduced to the arcade and Ralph’s unsatisfying job as a human wrecking ball, we are introduced to the hard lives of the struggling villains at a cleverly set-up “Villains Anonymous” meeting containing the bad guys from classic games from Street Fighter to┬áPac-man. This sets you up for the world inside the video games and how these characters interact after the arcade closes.

Ralph, wanting to make a different turn in his life, is challenged by a townie of his home game and decides to wreck his way into another game to attempt his dream of being a hero. Thus embarks the mission of Ralph and the encounters he makes along the way, including a funny and extremely appropriate commanding woman soldier voiced by none other than Jane Lynch.

The cast is full of wonderfully funny celebrity voices to complete the ensemble.

While it may not have been my most favorite Disney animated film I’ve ever seen, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. Laughs were genuine and not forced. The attention to details of pixellating the game itself and having the characters move about in a “jittery-like” way was intriguing. The ode to old-school arcade games is nostalgic fun for parents and gives their kids an introduction to life before computer-animated video games. And then the new characters are enjoyable for all to learn to love.

Definitely go see this film in the theater while you can.