The 85th Annual Academy Awards

The time has finally come. Oscar season is here. With the Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globes nominations both releasing in the past few days, the Academy Award nominations and ceremony are finally becoming a reality.

So instead of jumping straight into my own, personal Oscar coverage, I would instead rather propose a challenge that I’m setting for myself. Clearly, I have not yet been very dedicated throughout the short span in this blog’s creation.

I’m not entirely sure of the mechanics of how a movie blog such as this should go about, but since I have decided to talk in the first person, anyway, I might as well give a short synopsis to my own life’s movie which I have yet to do (I couldn’t wait to post my American Horror Story theory before!).

My name is Brandon. I am an aspiring filmmaker. I am studying Film Production in college. My first obstacle in life? Making into the film school in order to study Film Production. As a requirement, there are certain papers I need to write, and other components, such as making short movies, presenting short works of fiction or poetry, photography, but one part of it is a multimedia work or website.

So, I decided to make a blog. A blog by me and occasionally my sister, Katlyn.

That’s my story. My motivation. Of course, making this movie blog is not at all only for getting into this part of the school. The love and passion I’ve had for movies has grown tremendously over the past few years. The Academy Awards are always something I pay extra attention to, from the moment one ends, up until the night of the next ceremony. So creating such a way to express my own feelings and opinions on such matters to a world of people I may or may not know is a success in itself.

Whether or not I get into this film school, whether or not it’s where my life’s journey is supposed to go, whether or not I am even supposed to be a filmmaker in my own future, this blog is going to be an adventure that I’m willing to embark on.

So, whether or not this is my destiny, I can’t lie, winning an Oscar sure does have a nice ring to it.


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